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Organise all your learning resources in one place, set tasks, and share what you learned.

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Keep yourself motivated by setting tasks and sharing what you learnt


Organise your self-learning materials

There are so many places we can have our learning materials, some physical books, some on your computer's disk some on websties like Udemy, Pluralsight, etc. Keep track of all of them in one place.

  • Organise Materials

    Add your materials, tag them with subjects, type of resource, optional url and description.

  • Set Tasks

    Set Tasks for your learning materials, to keep yourself on track, to complete chapters, exercises, and sideprojects.

  • Add Notes

    Create notes in markdown formats on your materials, and export them to files.

  • Sort through your materials, tasks and notes

    Sort your materials/tasks/notes by subject or type to quickly see related resources.


Keep yourself motivated and accountable

Learning Log

Share with other members what your learned each day, and see what others are learning.

Public Profiles

See, what others are up too, and follow your favorite people.


Participate in community discussions.

Community Blog

Read curated community content

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